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How to ensure your tenants stay in your building

As a facility manager of a commercial building, one of the better parts of the job is finding tenants that are easy to work with. They’re approachable, agreeable and happy to compromise to find a desirable outcome for everyone. Once you’ve found great tenants, you won’t want to let them go – and you shouldn’t. Here are a few ways you can retain them for longer.

Become proactive instead of reactive

Instead of spending your time reacting to requests, issues, or maintenance that comes in, taking steps to become proactive in how spaces are maintained will go a long way in ensuring your tenants will stay in your building. This means more than just making sure your preventative maintenance schedule is up-to-date – you need to take steps to assess what your tenants value and how you can capitalise on this. This could be anything from better communal areas to a greater move towards sustainability.

Improve the lines of communication

Working out ways to improve the lines of communication between you and your tenants is a must if you want to keep them around. Take the time look at implementing automated systems (for instant bookings), clearly communicating contactable hours, or even just taking the time to reach out first to see if there are any issues.

Increase technological implementation

Commercial buildings of any size are becoming more and more technologically intertwined thanks to the likes of smart tech and facility management software. This tech has now become something tenants expect when they pay to rent in a building. Small asset additions such as key card lock systems or lobby screens will go a long way in keep tenants around.

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