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How to communicate effectively with your tenants

Be transparent

You should aim to always keep your tenants informed and in the loop with any building updates or news. They pay money to reside there, it’s their home and they deserve to be kept updated. It’s important to be transparent to get on the front foot with any issues, rather than they snowball and then you notify them when the issue has escalated. 

Cut the fluff

It’s best to avoid lengthy communication and to ensure your key points are communicated in a succinct way. No one has time anymore to read pages and pages of writing when it could be simply condensed into something much more refined. To help cut out the fluff, first jot down the key points you want to communicate and then add on from it and ensure your message is structured in a way that makes sense and is logical to follow. 

Use technology

To help deliver your communication, technology is a huge help. Gone are the days of just direct mail, people expect regular communication via technology due to the technological advanced society we live in today. Consider using technology such as emails, SMS or mobile app notifications depending on the length or urgency of message delivery. 

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