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How tiny living is influencing developments

As briefly discussed at the start of this month, 2022 development trends are seeing an increase in reusing materials and thinking about construction in a modular way. While there are a vast number of factors that have influenced this train of thought in recent years, it would be impossible to state the rise in tiny houses and tiny living hasn’t had an influence. If you’re not familiar, tiny living is an architectural and social movement that prioritises downsizing and simplifying living situations. This creates a better quality of life as well as a more environmentally friendly approach to construction. Here are just a few ways this movement is changing large scale developments. 

Doing more with less

As already mentioned, one of the largest ways we’ve seen tiny living change developments is in the way we think about using materials. In many developments where older buildings are being updated and restored, we’re seeing greater use in how much of those original materials are staying. This not only helps to benefit the environment but also can significantly lower the cost of development.

Modular design

As spaces naturally become smaller in bigger cities due to increasing populations, developments are taking notes from the tiny living movement in how to incorporate modular design. By making sure storage and furniture are multipurpose and multifunctional, you can make sure residents don’t lose any quality of life by living in a smaller space. If well thought out, these solutions mean residents can still use an average sized kitchen, bring in standard sized beds, and have enough room for all their belongings. 

Thinking long term

The environmental aspect of tiny living is influencing how developments think about the future and their buildings long term. By planning ahead and incorporating sustainable materials and energy saving assets where possible, developments are going greener while also making sure their building will minimise an impact to the environment. By integrating the latest technologies as well, there will be a longer period before these need to be updated, getting a longer lifespan out of every component of the build. 

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