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How can I utilise my lobby screen?

How can I utilise my lobby screen?

A lobby screen is often synonymous with entering a building, but its potential to connect people often gets overlooked. A lobby screen can be used for much more than just showing the time and weather in a building. If you’re looking for a few better ways to utilise your building’s lobby screen, we have a few tips that might just help you out. 


This is probably the most obvious tip on the list, but it still goes without saying it’s crucial. Setting up your screen to have a section for any important announcements is a fantastic and easy way to communicate with your building’s community and relay any information so it doesn’t get missed. Announcements such as outages, long term changes or just holiday greetings will inevitably be viewed by everyone in your building as they enter or exit. Combine this with the ability to create a custom background and you’ve created your own community notice board. 

Local news

We can take the use of announcements one step further and use the screen to showcase a range of local businesses. You can help encourage your community to go to local restaurant openings, theatre shows or even fun activities such as ballet for beginners. The end result means your community is constantly looking for ways to get involved (and stay in the area long term).


If you handle your buildings packages, you may have just gotten over the headache that is the holiday season. Luckily, you can use your building’s lobby screen to display any and every package that has recently come through and who needs to pick it up. This means tenants will collect items sooner and you won’t build up a backlist of boxes. 

If you’re looking for a modular lobby screen interface that gives you options to help benefit your building, head to to start your free trial today and really see the difference.

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