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How an online property management service eases information accessibility

When it comes to managing your property, it’s ideal to be able to access the information you require in one place for optimum productivity and workflow. Flicking between programs in different browsers or maybe even folders of paper, definitely doesn’t create the best efficiency.

Resident information
As a property owner, you should keep your resident information in one place including their contact information, residency type, pets, vehicles and even the contact details of the managing agent of the property. Additionally, you need to successfully store documents relating to the resident for future reference if there’s any questions regarding their lease arrangement.

With there being so many different keys for properties and people checking in and checking out of hotels and apartments everyday, there’s no doubt that managing keys successfully is a must to ensure the security of your property and residents. Online property management software allows for keys to be managed in an efficient and visually appealing way, to ensure the status of keys are updated to allow for smooth management of keys. It’s also an excellent way to manage keys for contractors who require access to specific rooms for a shorter period of time.

Parcel tracker
With online shopping being so prominent in this day and age, everyone tends to be getting packages delivered quite regularly. It’s crucial to ensure you have a system in place that ensures all parcels delivered to the property are correctly accounted for. By having an online parcel tracking system, you can easily track incoming parcels and delivered parcels.

Fortunately, an online building management system offers a centralised location to access information at the tip of your fingers. Information including resident contact information, key information and parcel tracking can all be found in one simple place. For more information on how to successfully manage this information with an online property management service, book a free demo with Mybos day here:

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