MYBOS is the system for you. From work order creation and building communication, MYBOS does it all.


Work Orders

MYBOS makes keeping on top of your maintenance work easy.


Easy and on the go inspection of your property via our app.

All in one Calendar

Take control of your preventative maintenance with our all in one interactive calendar.

Building Modules

Don’t waste time digging through endless emails and paper records. MYBOS intelligently organises your property’s information into one!

Key Register

Use the MYBOS key register to effortlessly manage multiple keys for owners, tenants and contractors.

Parcel Management

Complete workflow of parcels from receipt to delivery.

Community Management

Go paperless – Stop printing out forms every time there is a breakdown and keep your community informed.


Monitor your building assets with the ultimate wireless monitor solution from MYBOS. Featuring an array of sensors with unlimited applications in almost any built environment, the CloudSense MYBOS system can even send email and SMS notifications.

Asset Register

Complete your building assets by capturing photos, locations, warranty and much more with our easy to use asset interface.

Charts & Reports

Create visually stunning and easy-to-read reports in an instant.

Budget & Invoices

Keep track of your budgets while streamlining your invoices.


Secure your documents on the cloud for easy access. Anytime, anywhere!

Electronic Public Display

Broadcast announcement and upload property documents on our easy one step lobby screen setup!

Shift Log

Keep track of staff activities anytime, anywhere through the online shift logging system.

Broadcasting Email/ SMS

Connect with all your contacts via SMS and Email with the click of a button.


Keep on top of your contractor’s database by keeping contact information, documents and insurances

Owner /Tenant Database

Capture and store crucial information about your property owners and tenants. Backed by 256 SSL Security, your privacy is our priority.

More Features

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