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Facility Management Efficiency – The True Cost

Taking into consideration all elements of the facility management process can be an expensive, and often time consuming, exercise. One of the most important tasks facility managers are faced with is identifying the most cost-effective solutions to issues that may arise. This generally comes down to ensuring the workplace is efficient in its day to day processes. 

There are three elements that should be considered when creating a plan for facility management efficiency: 

  1. Future proofing costings 
  2. Staff and processes
  3. Technology and tracking 

Future Proofing Costings
This refers to costs based on life-cycle and how they will benefit your business. It is important to consider the future costs and benefits of a purchase to ensure you can plan for potentially expensive upkeep or maintenance costs. Future proofing requires the following elements to be considered: 

  • The initial cost 
  • Expected life 
  • Maintenance or repair costs
  • Running costs
  • Value that the product or system will deliver

Taking your potential costs through the above process allows you to understand whether something will be a beneficial purchase, making your buying power more effective and cost efficient. 

Staff and Processes

Taking into account the experience of your staff and the way processes are conducted is an extremely important element of creating an efficient business. Ensuring your processes are well developed and consistent can have a massive effect on the cost of completion. Creating a simple to understand and emulate process is a key element in saving money in the long run. 

Your staff will benefit from well developed processes and will effectively carry out these activities at the expected rate. Good quality training will additionally help your team to better understand your processes to create a strong workplace culture.

Technology and Tracking
There are several means of understanding and tracking workplace efficiency, however a growing trend has been noticed in the use of technology. Using data collection to track and predict trends can have a positive impact on resource expenditure and productivity. It allows facility managers to understand the vital nature of certain aspects within the business, and provides a framework for future team members to work within.

A facility management software such as MYBOS can help you to manage your property with ease. With software, you can track a variety of elements in the facility management process, including work orders, average time of completion, tasks, building module management and much more. For more information, visit

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