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Ensuring your property management app is utilised

Whilst having an app for your property is a great asset to have, there are three things you should consider to ensure it’s utilised to its full potential by your residents. You should consider having a strategy around awareness, education and training to help provide a positive customer experience, build relationships and create long-lasting connections with your residents. 

  • Awareness

The first step to ensure your residents actually use your app, is to let them know you have an app – which means it’s your duty to effectively create awareness of the app to them. Whilst it might seem obvious to you, you can’t assume your residents will know about the app. To effectively communicate this awareness, you need to ensure your strategy includes awareness across different platforms to get your app in the know. Platforms to create awareness can include a brochure upon check-in, an EDM, a text message, website feature or direct mail. 

  • Education

When you’re creating awareness around your app, it is a must to ensure you educate your residents on how to successfully use the app. For all new guests, tenants or residents, it’s a good idea to provide them with an information booklet on the app or direct them to a webpage with instructions.  You should also coach your staff on the app functionality, so they are equipped with any questions that users may ask.

  • Training

Technology can come second nature to some, however it’s not uncommon for many to still struggle with technology, particularly when the software or platform is new to them. To provide your residents with extra support, you can offer a once a month training session. This training session should cover common questions, how to use the key functions and where to find the important updates. These can be hosted by someone in your management team who is a confident presenter and someone who can show great empathy. 

If you’re yet to implement an app in your property, head over to and book in your free demo today to see how using an app can benefit you. 

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