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Considerations building owners make before switching strata management

If you work in strata management, you understand when building owners begin to work with you, they have not taken the decision to move lightly. Often hours of research and comparison go into the switch, so it’s important to understand why these decisions are made. While there are often as many considerations under the sun as possible for building owners to make before they switch, we’ve identified a handful of the most common.

They establish what is most important to their property

Above all else, building owners identify what aspects are the most important to their property and how new strata management would or wouldn’t embody them. More times than not, the are after the following:

  • Industry knowledge through experience 
  • Reputation through reviews, testimonials and word of mouth
  • Clear and transparent communication that saves time and creates a solid relationship

While there are no shortcuts to the first two points, MYBOS can exponentially help with you communication to both owners and building tenants.  

They want someone local

Another key consideration owners take into account is locality of strata management. Ideally they want someone who is a local in the same areas as their property, and this is for a number of reasons. Firstly, being local means organising for a building visit isn’t a hassle as you’re close-by. Secondly, this means you have a sound idea of any issues prevalent in the neighbourhood (think parking limitations or where to find reliable tradespeople). These combined give you an edge as a local expert. 

They search for value for money

Like securing any service, building owners want to make sure they’re getting the most out of their money. Now this doesn’t mean a race to the bottom to offer the cheapest price, this means making sure your marketing positions you as a service that justifies the cost. This means considering what services separate you from the competition and how you can capitalise on those. 

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