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Communicating via online broadcasting – why you need it

As a property owner, it’s imperative to ensure there is a consistent line of communication with your residents to create and nurture a positive relationship.  Those who are paying for their apartment or hotel, have an expectation to be kept in the loop with what’s going on at the premises. Particularly in this modern and technologically advanced society we live in, it’s a bare minimum expectation that we are notified of news and updates in a timely manner. A pin-up notice board in the lobby of the property, simply won’t cut it anymore. Not only is it impersonal, indirect and unreliable, you’re relying on people to check it. 

Types of online broadcasts

There are a few ways you can successfully communicate by utilising online broadcasting platforms such as email, SMS and mobile push notifications. Email is a great way to communicate longer messages, particularly messages which are less time sensitive and more generalised. If the broadcast is urgent and you need a message delivered quickly, SMS can be a good approach to adopt. Another approach for similar circumstances which would be appropriate is a mobile push-notification, which can be more cost effective in comparison to an SMS broadcast. 

Important messages to communicate

When it comes to deciding which type of messages to broadcast, be sure to communicate important messages that are relevant to the audience to maintain broadcast integrity. Maintenance updates are a great idea to communicate via a broadcast particularly if it may affect the residents directly. Maintenance such as hot water issues, lift issues, pool maintenance, water outages or notice of general work are ideal to be communicated in a broadcast. By communicating messages like this via an online broadcast, you are getting on the front foot by notifying people which is professional.

Audience segmentation

When you send out your broadcast, you should be sure to send it to the audience that the message applies to. There’s no point in broadcasting messages if it doesn’t apply to all the recipients. A good way to segment your contact list is by particular levels, pet owners, tenants or guests.  By doing this, you can quickly send your broadcast to the audience the message context applies to.  

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