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Common issues tenants find irritating

Lack of communication, struggling to get problems resolved and a lack of organisation – these all make tenants feel frustrated by a property owner or manager. To help resolve these common issues to maintain a good relationship with your tenant, technology is a tool which can help minimise these issues.

There’s nothing worse than having an issue that you just can’t quite work out how to get it resolved. As a tenant, you don’t want to be wasting time finding the right number or person to contact for a specific issue. It’s not only annoying but it’s time consuming. By having technology in place, tenants can easily submit maintenance requests at the click of a button whenever and wherever.

When it comes to communication, your tenant wants to be consistently informed and updated about their property. By using technology, this makes this a whole lot easier and streamlined. As a bonus, it also means your tenant feels valued and informed because they are actively being kept in the loop rather than left in the dark about their property which they are paying for. The better the communication, the more likely they are to reside at your property for a longer period of time. 

As a tenant, there’s a few important documents that you want to be able to easily access. When you don’t have access to these documents or have to spend time chasing up the right person for the right information, it can become a nuisance and much harder than it needs to be. By having technology implemented for yourself and your tenant, it allows for documents to be easily accessed by both parties. It’s a simple way of storing important information in an organised and accessible way. 

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