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Biggest questions tenants have when looking at your building

Biggest questions tenants have when looking at your building

Moving is one of life’s bigger events, no matter if it’s half way around the world or down the street. When potential tenants are considering moving into your building, they will have a lot of questions to make sure it’s the right fit for them. We’re not talking about questions revolving around breaking leases or if pets are allowed, but rather about the building itself. Here are three of the biggest questions tenants have when looking at your building. 

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Every building is different. Some have great systems in place to reduce friction for tenants, while others don’t. Submitting a maintenance request shouldn’t be hard, especially if the issue is urgent. While there are a whole host of methods, one of the easiest to implement across all aspects of your building is building management software. With a system in place, submitting a maintenance request is as simple as selecting an issue and a time. The rest will be done for them. 

What security features does the building have?

Traditionally it is up to the landlord to provide ‘reasonable security’ for a premise. However, as a developer there are a myriad of security devices and systems you can organise to help entice potential residents to move in. While deadlocks and security screens are the minimum, consider security cameras, alarm systems and ID cards for your building.

Is there parking available?

Parking availability can be an issue, particularly in high density cities and suburbs. If your building has the potential for undercover or underground parking, it can add significant value to your development. Of course this is not always an option, so making sure residents have the ability to apply for permits or easy access to public transport systems will still allow them to move around easily. 

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