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5 Tips for being a better strata manager

5 Tips for being a better strata manager.

Strata managers have to deal with more than their fair share of challenges. Each day is different and could involve you dealing with complex compliance issues, managing maintenance staff or handling demanding tenants.

To do the job effectively, strata managers need to call on a range of diverse skills including good man management, excellent organisation and even diplomacy. So we thought it would be a good idea to highlight five qualities that all good strata managers have.

1. Know the building

You can’t manage the building effectively if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. All good strata managers know their facility inside out. Look at plans and get to know the building management software. It’s also a good idea to build a list of contractors with experience of the systems installed. That way you’ll be better prepared when something goes wrong.

2. Communicate effectively

Being a good strata manager is all about good communication. You need to be able to communicate effectively with all parties including the caretaker, council and tenants. Keeping all these parties happy is one of the greatest skills of any strata manager but it’s not easy. Focus on building your diplomacy skills and try to build a community of mutual respect between the different parties.

3. Be a good listener

This skill is often overlooked but it is critical to building a good community spirit within the building. Always have an open ear to the communities needs even if they seem trivial. Listen to their suggestions and put a plan together to solve issues quickly.

4. Respond quickly

Whenever someone comes to you with an issue, aim to solve it quickly. While it may not seem important to you, it is surely important to them or they wouldn’t have mentioned it. Keep a record of all issues big and small and aim to solve them as quickly as possible. If the problem is complex, keep the customer updated at all stages of the process.

5. Always be accountable and transparent

To be an effective strata manager you need to develop a relationship of trust between yourself, the community and the council. Transparency and accountability are key to doing this effectively. So always behave respectfully, document interactions with all parties and respond to all queries quickly and efficiently.

Developing all these skills will help you to become a better strata manager. But to really take your building management to the next level you should deploy a building management system. MYBOS building management software allows you to take control of your building by keeping all of your maintenance activities, communications and tenant information on a single platform.

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