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4 ways you can improve apartment living

Owning apartments in a strata arrangement can be a great property investment but it can also be a full-time job. You have floors and floors of residents relying on you as their caretaker for everything from their hot water system to soundproofing between apartments. However, there are four simple ways you can make sure your residents are happy and even utilise the latest custom app in building management to do it.

Access to amenities

Apartment living improves for residents when the developer has made it easy to access the benefits of city life. The Better Apartments Public Engagement Report found that being close to transport is important for residents as this means they can often forgo the expenses of owning and maintaining a car. Your residents will also appreciate their apartments being close to restaurants, bars and entertainment venues to improve their sense of wellbeing and community.

Quality of life

Besides external amenities, residents measure their quality of life in apartment living by basic necessities such as a sense of spaciousness inside the apartment, as well as outdoor living space whether it is a balcony or rooftop area. Natural light and ventilation through working windows is another plus point, helping residents escape a crowded city feeling when they’re at home. To promote a sense of privacy and peacefulness, noise abatement should also be considered in equal measure. With apartment residents typically being younger, many building managers choose to appeal to their eco-aware values. Having access to renewable energy resources can improve residents’ sense of ease with their surroundings, and even their overheads, helping them feel more content in their apartment for longer.

Facility management

All of these features are not enough to improve apartment living if they are not well maintained. That’s where astute facility management comes into play. Residents need to have faith that their concerns are being logged and addressed in a timely fashion by the facility manager. Using building management software, you can easily and accurately keep track of any defects which need to be addressed, as well as scheduled maintenance checks. The MYBOS app allows you to track and manage all of these aspects of building management in one place via your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also create and review detailed information to track patterns and improvements to help you compile reports for the committee.


Finally, to improve apartment living for your residents it’s important to understand that they want to know their needs are being heard and met. Communication is key, which means keeping residents up to date as swiftly and easily as possible regarding apartment checks, planned maintenance and rent rises. The MYBOS app can make it easy to maintain positive relations between the owner’s corporation (body corporate) and dwellers by making it easy to contact all residents via email or SMS.

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