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10 Common Tenants Complaints

Whether you are an owner, investor or a building or facility manager, it’s important to keep on top of tenant complaints to ensure optimal building efficiency. Keeping tenants happy will see positive numbers in lease renewal, so we’ve listed the 10 most common complaints below.

  • Animals
    The long (heated) debate over pets in shared buildings is widely known as one of the most common complaints. Noise complaints such as a constantly barking dog can be hard to ignore, not to mention damage to the property and its surroundings.
  • Landscaping
    The quality and upkeep of landscaping in common areas can result in complaints.
    From lawns not being mowed and hedges not being trimmed to tree roots causing damage to paths, gardening requires ongoing maintenance.
  • Parking
    Whether its tenant’s parking in other tenant’s allocated parking spaces, in visitor bays, or in areas that are not suitable for parking, residents get fed up with others doing the wrong thing.
  • General Maintenance
    The strata manager needs to ensure problems such as water leaks and mould build-up, are kept under control. Pathways requiring repair and locks to mailboxes being broker can be the subject of many complaints.
  • Noise
    Excessive noise complaints, from playing instruments during the day to loud parties at night, if they’re ongoing they will need to be addressed.
  • Odours
    Grievances of odours coming from the plumbing will need an investigation fairly quickly as blockages or build-ups can affect the entire building.
  • Smoking
    Although smoking in enclosed areas of a common area is prohibited, complaints of smoking in common areas can arise.
  • Damage to common areas
    The maintenance of common areas and shared facilities can cause a variety of complaints. Issues from pools to gyms and even seating areas will need to be addressed swiftly.
  • Pests
    Apartment living requires a different approach to bug infestations. If one tenant has a problem, chances are, others are going through the same situation. Communication is key in order to resolve the issue as a whole.
  • Contact with facility manager
    Trying to make contact regarding a complaint and having lag in response is one of the most common tenant complaints, and for good reason.
    Fortunately, buildings and facilities that use Mybos will be across complaints quickly, ensuring they are attended to successfully. Mybos makes keeping on top of maintenance work easy, and communicating between management and tenants simple and direct via SMS or email.

Managers and tenants using the Mybos system enjoy the ease of the custom app, not only to communicate but to book certain facilities such as tennis courts or notify staff of issues that arise. Managers can also get in contact with their occupants in the drop of a hat, alerting them of outages and communicating easily achieving a quick response so no one feels ignored.

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