Merry Meet!

Hello and welcome!  The Coven of the Burning Waters (CBW), located in the New River Valley of Virginia, would like to share with you what they have learned in their years together.  Here you will find resources related to Wicca and other neo-pagan religions, along with several writings, rituals that we have led, books that we have found useful, and other recommended websites.  Don't forget to keep your eye on our Announcements as things may change from time to time.

Our Merry Meetings! page is dedicated to weaving a web of contacts throughout the pagan community.  While our guestbook is currently incognito, we are developing a new database application that will allow you to search for pagans in your area.

The Coven of the Burning Waters also offers assistance to anyone having trouble with destructive spirits in their home anywhere in the southwest Virginia area.  Banishment and expulsion of entities can be performed with or without the participation of the occupants of the home.  Also cases of suspected possession will be reviewed if some proof of professional mental health services are provided.  If you are interested in this service please contact us at

Finally, the Coven owns and moderates several mailing lists on the Yahoo! Groups (formerly server.  One of these lists is used to keep our friends informed of open study groups that we hold, usually in Blacksburg, VA.  Keep in touch!

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Last Modified: November 08, 2006