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School Facility Management Software

A facility manager’s role is to ensure that buildings and services meet the needs of everyone who uses them, vital when you have a duty-of-care to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for children and teachers. With MYBOS’ facility management software will save you time and money when taking care of day-to-day maintenance, work orders, budgets and more.

MYBOS School facility management software is the latest in efficient management technology. With over 50 different modules to assist you in streamlining your building and facility management processes, there is little MYBOS can’t achieve.

To learn more about multiple other features of MYBOS and how they can help you with building management, start your free trial.

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Public Display

Utilise the MYBOS online public display portal which uses your branding to display important information for parents, students & teachers.

Work Orders

MYBOS makes keeping on top of your School maintenance & groundskeeping easy. Ensure your school is running it’s most efficient and student’s and teachers are getting the most out of classrooms, gymnasium & outdoor facilities.

Preventative Maintenance

Take control of your school’s preventative maintenance with our all in one interactive calendar. Keep up to date with regular building safety inspections on emergency services, including electrical, gas and water services to ensure safety + health of staff/students.


Keep on top of your contractor’s database by keeping contact information, documents and insurances.

Graphs and Reports

Create visually stunning and easy-to-read reports in an instant.

Key Register

Use the MYBOS key register to effortlessly manage multiple keys for your classrooms, offices, library and shared learning spaces.

Budget & Invoices

Keep track of your budgets while streamlining your invoices. Know how much money is being spent on different services within your school.

Asset Register

Complete your building assets by capturing photos, locations, warranty and much more with our easy to use asset interface. This can include classroom furniture, computer equipment, projectors, academic & non-academic equipment.

Broadcasting Email/ SMS

Broadcast to your parents/ students as well as classroom teachers.

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