Covid-19 Tracker

The fast-paced environment of the COVID-19 crisis calls for evolving technology to answer your concerns in staying connected and continuing to offer your day-to-day service with minimal disruptions. At MYBOS, we care about your business and your health, which is why we have developed a free feature as part of our system to ensure you can provide the best possible service in today’s climate. This means business who are not subscribed to MYBOS can also benefit from using this new feature at no cost.

The new COVID-19 tracking feature will support building managers in doing their part to flatten the curve by notifying tenants and your team about current cases in the space. Keep track of all confirmed and isolated cases within the residence for the safety of your staff and tenants. This will enable all stakeholders to take further precautions in protecting themselves and those around them.

Communication with your building occupants is simple with SMS, email and push notifications features, empowering your team to stay safe while sending out relevant messaging effectively and efficiently to those who need it most.

Considering the serious nature of protecting your tenants in the COVID-19 crisis, we have also added in a feature that enables you to provide your messaging in your lobby via digital notice-boards to ensure tenants are always aware of the current case status within the building.

The safety of all people is paramount to us here at MYBOS, we can flatten the curve together if we take the right steps as a team. Let us help you continue to provide your service with less anxiety around the COVID-19 crisis.

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Covid-19 Tracker for Free

To help flatten the curve you can utilise the following features to keep your residents up to date.

SMS / Email Notification

Communicate with your building occupants with ease via our Broadcast. This includes SMS, email and the all new push notification capabilities. A click of a button is all it takes to reach out to all of your occupants.

Notice Board / Lobby Screen

The notice board and Lobby screen are another great way to communicate with residents. In many buildings, a well-placed lobby screen is one of the best ways to communicate a message across to occupants. Display documents, images and more with the lobby screen.