During the holiday season, it’s likely your property will have an increased number of people either stay or visit your property. With more visitors and celebrations in mind, you need to ensure you are effectively managing maintenance at your property before, during, and after the holiday season. Whether it be more guests staying at your hotel than usual or your tenants having visitors stay or visit, you can expect an increase in foot traffic, which naturally means more can go wrong.

You can expect that areas in your property that are typical spots for entertaining such as pools and shared BBQ areas will be used more frequently during the holiday season. With this in mind, you need to ensure these areas are regularly maintained. Additionally, air conditioners and heaters will be used more this time too.

How you manage preventive maintenance and maintenance requests during this time will determine the experience for your guests and residents. By having a fully functional property, it enhances their stay and means they are likely to visit your property in the future or continue to reside at your property for a longer period of time. It helps to protect your building reputation and protects the future success of your property.

To help make managing your maintenance a breeze, having a calendar with recurring events and automation will help take out the thinking and minimise maintenance errors. Additionally, an interactive calendar is a great tool to ensure your maintenance is visually seen in one place for all areas of maintenance. Automation will not only save you time but save you the stress of having to make sure someone is notified to get the maintenance done.

Managing maintenance can be an overwhelming part of property management if you don’t have the correct tools and software in place. If you need help managing maintenance this holiday season, visit mybos.com/try-mybos-free/ to find out how MYBOS can help your property with maintenance management.