After the year it’s been, there’s no better time than now to be supporting your local community to keep businesses alive and booming. Your local community is the beating heart around your property and it’s utilised in numerous ways by your residents. This means it’s crucial to ensure your residents are well informed about the local businesses in the area, so they can support them.

Not only are you supporting the community to ensure people continue to visit your hotel, you’re also enhancing the experience of their stay. By having an online business directory, you take out the thinking for your guests by categorising their essential everyday needs in the business directory. The directory allows your guests or residents to find nearby restaurants, shops, banks, medical facilities and community areas in a centralised location at their fingertips with all the important information.

The online business directory also helps to maintain the future of your property’s success by keeping the local community attractive and vibrant so people continue to visit or reside at your property. When there’s a strong local community, it’s an appealing reason for guests to stay at your property. Lets face it, who wants to stay somewhere that has nothing going on or simply no “buzz”. Your local community is everything.

By utilsing an online community business directory, you can be confident in knowing your hotel is supporting the local restaurants, shops, trades and community areas to keep them alive for your guests now and in the future. If you want to create a local business directory, find out more by booking a free demo today with MYBOS here: