As a property owner, finding a good strata manager can come with its challenges. It’s important to remember that to do the job efficiently, a strata manager will need to call on a range of diverse skills. The following are key to keep in mind:


Experience is absolutely crucial. As every strata or owners’ corporation functions differently, it’s important to note whether they’ve managed a similar building strata to yours. With a pre-established understanding of the industry, your strata manager should be adaptable to any situation. Experience doesn’t simply come from qualifications, although that is worth a look over too. Through industry-certification, you can ensure your strata managers are equipped with the right knowledge as they navigate the complex regulations. As each state has different legislation, they should have an understanding of the rights and responsibilities specific to your state. 

People Skills

A core skill to strata management is people management. Your ideal candidate should be approachable and transparent, with effective communication skills. It’s important in strata management that everyone is kept in the loop. Strata managers can utilise software, such as MYBOS, to stay organised and in communication. With MYBOS features such as notifying tenants through SMS and email, your strata manager should be able to enhance their communication with the assistance of software.

Problem Solver 

Reporting can ensure you make informed decisions and create innovative solutions when needed. A strata manager should utilise these reports, taking them time to help you understand the information and solve problems before they occur. They should take this information and work to improve your services. For example, MYBOS can create easy-to-read reports to help visually showcase your data helping your strata manager stay on-top of your maintenance.

Once you find the perfect manager for you, MYBOS has the tools to ensure they’re taking control of your strata in one platform. Book a demo today.

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