COVID-19 has affected many industries, including facility management. You may have had to temporarily close your facility or services that your facility offers. As time passes, businesses will be returning to a new normal as they begin to open up. To ensure a smooth transition back to business, consider the following tips. 

You can’t simply hit resume.

Life is different now and it’s likely your facility can’t simply return to ‘business as usual.’ This is the time to adapt, plan and deliver with a mindset of rebuilding rather than resuming. Consider the changes in society that COVID has had on your business, from shifting to a more digital approach to redesigning spaces to maintain social distancing. 

Educate employees

It’s important to consider your work culture and how it will have changed during this time. With more employees working from home, going back to the office will be an adjustment. Actively take the time to tell your staff, if they aren’t feeling well – stay home. Ensure there is a plan or policy in place if your employees are wanting to work from home or exhibit any symptoms. 

Digital solutions 

Evaluate what digital solutions you will continue to use in the future as you manage your facility in a post COVID world. As we return to a new normal, this doesn’t mean you should leave your digital solutions behind. Utilising software for management has allowed businesses to recognise the significance of using technology and data to drive future decisions, creating a more efficient business for all.

Health conscious offerings

Ensure you take into consideration what you may need to begin offering, such as increased cleaning or sanitizer availability. Keep track of where you are in need of a change, and whether you need to implement new rules, such as no standing and drinking.

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