Smartphones are a big part of most of our day to day lives, so it is only natural that apps have become a vital part of how many businesses provide and share information. While there are many types of apps, in facility management there is a real need for custom branded apps that allow for simpler communication with tenants and improved brand recognition.

Access to direct communication with your tenants is possible with a branded app. Your brand can keep in touch with clients, understand what is required for maintenance and provide a personalised service to those who require it. Any issues that arise can be flagged with your team in an efficient manner and any updates you need to provide to your tenants can be done so simply.

Owning a branded app can additionally help your team to elevate brand recognition and provide your customers with access to resources that they would otherwise need to take time to find. A branded app also can help you build a better relationship with your tenants, allowing them to connect with you on a more regular basis.

Customisation of a branded app is important, as every building is different. There should always be a focus on what your tenants require and what you are able to provide to them as support. The more personalised your offer can be in the app, the better. There are many options in building an app like this, the first is by scratch, which is highly personalised however is usually extremely expensive and requires a long testing process. The second would be to choose a facility management software option such as MYBOS, which is tested and can provide a range of customisable elements for your brand to leverage.

Apps should additionally provide features that make life easier for your tenants. One simple feature that truly stands out in MYBOS is Parcel Settings – a feature that allows for the recording of incoming parcels, sends notifications out to community members for pick up and records delivery with receiver signature all from the app. This increases the efficiency of deliveries and offers flexibility to the user by giving them the opportunity to be away from home while waiting for a delivery.

Other features of the MYBOS app include message boards, maintenance reminders, contact forms and a wide range of other options for your tenants to enjoy. As we continue to move into a more digital future, leveraging app opportunities such as MYBOS can give you an added advantage over your competitors.

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