Facility Management software is one of the most important tools you can leverage to maximise your work day. When it comes to productivity, a business can’t work properly without its physical assets and facilities in an organised state. 

Building management should be in charge of a variety of operations including operational finances, human resources, maintenance, IT and long term success in real estate. With so many elements to consider on a day to day basis, it is no wonder that body corporate can sometimes have a million questions. 

Improved productivity within a company can be achieved for employees in an office and those who service the building by using the information from maintenance and daily operations reports created from software to determine the most efficient solution for any issues that may arise. 

Simplifying your work day is the first step to maximising it. Shifting to a technology based organisation and work order system helps to keep processes consistent. Ensuring your processes are kept consistent will mean easier access for your team and a system that is simple to explain for any new hires. This will also improve communication between all stakeholders within the building. 

There are basic productivity considerations in facility management that can affect or halt productivity in its tracks. Burst pipes, blocked toilets and broken locks are just some of the issues that could arise randomly and could shift where resources are used. For businesses looking to provide better responses to these sorts of issues, a facility management software can really support your team in building maintenance and issues identification. 

Communication is another common element of maximising a work day, and for employees in an office fast communication and response from their building management could be the difference of a few hours. Use of a facility management software can support faster completion of caretaking work orders and offers a sense of movement to those waiting for the task to be completed. 

Facilities management software can also support an organisation in developing better processes for all elements of its building maintenance. Over time, this could save days in vital working hours for a variety of employees, from those on a maintenance team all the way through to office teams and strata managers. 

Maximising your work day and that of others within the organisation is simple when you have the technology to connect people and improve communication. For more information on the MBOS facility management software and resident app, visit mybos.com

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