Collaboration has always been a fundamental element of business, and maximising this can be the difference between efficient performance and productivity or the opposite. During the changes to COVID-19 restrictions, there has been a clear use of technology in collaboration with many facility managers opting to keep in contact via video conferencing and regular meetings. 

As we shift back towards normality and working in offices again, the way we collaborate will need to shift with it and collaboration spaces in conjunction with certain technologies could help you find the right mix. 

There are various elements organisations need to consider when creating an effective collaboration space. This includes: 

  • Interior design: What will the space look like and how will you create a comfortable design that enhances your team’s ability to collaborate. Does this look like a reshuffle of desks or perhaps a comfortable seating area that incites  
  • Space: Where will you create your collaboration space and how will it fit into the size of your office? 
  • Technology: This is something that is often overlooked when thinking about spaces to collaborate. Technology goes beyond the actual space itself for collaboration, but rather gives a tool that can be leveraged in between times the team actively collaborates. 

Depending on the layout of the space, you may want to go for a formal boardroom style space that you can double as a meeting room, or perhaps you were after a comfortable room where your team can feel relaxed and really come into their own. 

Once you have considered these elements, it is important to discuss with your team to ensure you have been inclusive and have made the space accessible to all. When your team collaborates, you can ensure tasks that are discussed during the process are completed via a facility management software such as MYBOS.

Using technology to organise processes has never been easier. For more information on MYBOS software, visit

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