Work orders are piling up, again. We hear this constantly in our industry with the organisation element creating stress and pulling facility managers in a hundred directions. Utilising software is an investment that can help you better organise work orders and create a better line of communication for your employees, maintenance staff and customers. 

Spending your time trying to decide what requests matter most is no longer a necessity when you have a system that can process and complete work orders to support your efforts as a facility manager. Many businesses are using outdated work order systems such as static spreadsheets or even paper to delegate tasks. This is simply no longer efficient and can be perceived as an outworn process of management. 

There are a few questions you need to answer in order to understand whether you could input a more efficient process for preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance. 

  • Are you using an outdated work order system? 
  • Have you spoken to your team and maintenance staff about how they think the process could improve? 
  • What other elements of facility management do you feel could benefit from technology? 

When you are comfortable with the answers from the above questions, you can then consider a software such as MYBOS to help you manage your work orders. Preparing for maintenance in all its forms has never been easier. 

At MYBOS, we have developed an easy to use work order system that allows you to track and delegate maintenance tasks to the appropriate staff. The long term benefits of using a facility management software include increased efficiency and a better flow of day to day processes. 

The implementation of switching to technology from paper is simple, and once you have set the parameters keeping things online is easy. Using technology for work orders opens a range of benefits for your business including increased productivity, speedier response times and better connectivity with your work order staff. 

For more information on MYBOS software book a demo today.

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