Facility management can be overwhelming at times. We have compiled a list of tips to help you better manage your facility:

1. Know the total cost of all facility work done both directly and indirectly.

Taking control of facility management is possible when you keep track of the total cost of work. Facility management can at times be an expensive exercise, in particular the maintenance arm of the business. The cost of these services can add up, and it is vital that a facility manager keeps track of their spending in these areas to ensure money is being used effectively.

Tracking maintenance issues, response times and costs will help you find inefficiencies and better locate the best match for certain jobs. There are a multitude of variables that affect the cost of each service such as travel costs, materials and operational costs.

2. Consider improvements that impact facility energy use.

Reducing your energy costs can be a good way to minimise spending in unnecessary places. Some energy related projects can additionally be communicated to tenants as a user upgrade, such as improving air conditioning. Taking into consideration your energy output could save you money in the long run, particularly as we shift towards a technological future.

3. Know the difference between the types of maintenance.

Generally, there are three ways a facility manager will look at maintenance:

  • Reactive – Or the “fix it when it breaks” approach.
  • Preventative – Or the “check it and make repairs before it breaks” approach.
  • Predictive – Or the “use technology to forecast when a problem will occur and provide maintenance accordingly” approach.

Many facility managers take a reactive approach, however this is not necessarily the most effective means of managing facility costs. It seems to be seen as the cheapest maintenance, however this is not necessarily true. Preventative maintenance will save you the hassle of fixing things as they break and will see for better perception of service. Using a combination of predictive and preventative maintenance is the next step that can be taken to track elements of the building as they age and begin to show signs of damage.

4. Set clear definitions for team roles

Your team is the key to good quality facility management and service. Ensuring your team has defined team roles will keep the facility running efficiently.

5. Use a facility management software

Using a facility management software such as MYBOS could help you to save money in the long run. Tracking costs, finding inefficiencies and automising parts of the facility management process to ensure efficient day to day operations could help you to create the best possible facility for your tenants. It is true what they say, using technology can save you time and money,

To learn more about multiple other features of MYBOS and how they can help you with building and facility management, visit mybos.com today and start your free trial.

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