The COVID-19 crisis has seen the hotel industry inundated with isolated persons returning from overseas. Since these customers are unable to leave their rooms, it is vital that their stay is as comfortable as possible. Even still with apartment complexes, there is a need for tenants to be communicated to properly and updated regularly with any important news, particularly those in isolation. We have put together a list of some of the ways technology can help facilitate safe distancing requirements.

1. Create a barrier between your staff and your tenants or guests

Currently, there is a need to create a barrier between all persons working and living within a building. Social distancing has seen our community take extra precautions in their actions, including ensuring the space in which they live is safe and comfortable.

Taking into account these measures taken worldwide, technology can support in increasing the ability for service based industries to continue offering a wide range of amenities. This will also allow for limited face to face contact, creating a safer environment.

Simple changes such as offering regular updates on health related messaging via an app can support in making both employees and customers feel safe. Additionally, using a software such as MYBOS can support you in tracking the number of confirmed and isolated cases within the building, ensuring your staff are informed and can take the appropriate precautions.

2. Keep your tenants informed

People want to feel safe in their homes. If they have been made aware of when cleaning has or will occur in shared spaces within the building, or how staff are available to support them, there can be a vast improvement in how they perceive the management of the building.

It is important to ensure tenants are aware of any potential risks to their health, and are reminded of the precautions they should be taking, such as washing their hands, using a mask and staying in their apartment when sick and using hand gel.

Using technology such as MYBOS can support facility management in contacting tenants at the touch of a button, with SMS and email direct messaging capabilities integrated into the system.

3. Receive any requests from afar

By using an app such as MYBOS, your tenants will have the ability to contact staff immediately via their phones without having to make a call or send an email and wait for a response. This can then be responded to by members of the team, and any issues can be resolved where possible.

While the COVID-19 crisis means that some services may be unavailable, there should still be a focus on supporting your tenants.

MYBOS is the next big thing

MYBOS software allows facilities managers to monitor, integrate and facilitate a wide range of practices – everything from tracking employee wellness to managing suppliers and communicating with tenants from afar.Having a single integrated platform like MYBOS at the heart of daily operations will allow facilities managers to have total control of every aspect of the business at their fingertips. This increases workplace efficiency and makes life safer for all parties involved.

Above all, having MYBOS allows steady facilities management that notices and absorbs any changes while keeping the overall business mission on track, no matter the crisis situation.

If you’re interested in purchasing MYBOS software for your company, get in touch with us today at Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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