MYBOS is a fully customisable caretaker app for any branded company with multiple levels of supervision. Read on to discover each of the various building management features that MYBOS boasts, and how these can be tailored to suit your business – whether it be a hotel, restaurant, apartment chain, or multi-national company. MYBOS has the option to customise it’s application to best suit your business, and is ideal for those that have a specific brand and face to uphold.

Customise MYBOS to your brand
A key feature of MYBOS is our ability to completely tailor the app’s experience to your brand. MYBOS should look and feel like you and we have the designers to make that happen. Whether you are in whatever sector of building management you’re in, whether you’re a facility manager, hotel manager, a building owner or simply think MYBOS can streamline your every day workload, MYBOS is a custom app that can look however you want it to look.

Property inspections
Using the MYBOS app, facility management can monitor all of the property inspections that occur on your building sites – whether it be a chain-wide inspection or one on a micro-level. This feature enables defects to be easily recognised, targeted and corrected.

Community management
One of the key aspects of the modern business brand is their interaction with the public community. MYBOS’s community management app allows companies to go paperless without losing contact with their clientele. Not only does this make your brand appear seamless and professional, but it also encourages a reputation of being eco-friendly – a crucial factor in today’s sociopolitical climate.

Electric public display
The MYBOS interface doesn’t just stop with handheld options. An easy one-step set-up allows important documents and announcements to be displayed on a lobby screen. Not only does this let prospective customers know that your company is fresh, contemporary and technologically adept, but it’s also an effective way to advertise the latest offers and promotions.

Building modules
MYBOS’s accessible and intelligent module blocks are an easy way for the body corporate and committee of a business to keep track of every aspect of the brand to ensure consistency and optimisation. Whether this is the checking in and out of each room in your hotel, or the active negotiators and contractors interacting with your corporate chain, MYBOS is customisable and easy to integrate into your daily routine.

CloudSense is the peak solution that your company needs in order to maintain a glowing brand face. The business’s owners corporation and managerial figures can use this multifaceted wireless system to do just about anything. The custom app can be set up to send and receive emails and SMS, check the temperature and airflow, and so much more.

Choose MYBOS
MYBOS is the one inclusive app that should be fundamental in your business plan, with every feature you need to simplify the management process. Make your brand appear the best it can and contact the MYBOS team today to get started on your path to a better business.

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