Managing your assets is a task that only becomes more complicated as your business increases in size. It can lead to huge losses if you don’t track your fixed assets in a suitable manner. This article will show you five ways in which you can manage your assets from a building management perspective.

A Strong Foundation

As with any challenge, it is important that you have a strong start. Building a house on faulty foundations will only lead to a faulty end product. It is vital, then, that you begin your asset management with the accurate numbers. This will require making sure that all of your assets have been logged correctly, which by using the right software isn’t as hefty a task as it first appears. 

Accurate depreciation tracking

If you fail to accurately track the depreciation of your assets, insurance costs, asset maintenance expenditure, and tax loss becomes increasingly likely. Some companies may continue to pay taxes on assets that have depreciated, while others may introduce new assets, continuing to pay for old ones. Tracking your assets ensures depreciating assets don’t pass you by. MYBOS software tracks your assets, simplifying the asset management process.

Use the Best Tools Available

When it comes to asset management, you should be using the best software available. Tracking assets can be incredibly difficult if you attempt it manually. Not only because it can be more time consuming, but also because it tends to lead to errors. Furthermore, using outdated software can also lead to wasted time. It is vital that you choose a software that is both current, frequently updated, and able to grow as your company grows. The MYBOS app is able to produce custom or regular reports, perform stress-free audits, provides push notifications, and stores all your records in one place without any security concerns.

Custom Asset Reports

It’s important to ensure your asset report that is tailored to you. This will help you keep track of what is strictly relevant to your business, so your time isn’t wasted sifting through insignificant details. Fortunately, the MYBOS app allows for custom reports, simplifying the entire process for you.

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