When leasing out property, whether commercial or residential, it can be difficult managing your buildings maintenance. As well as costing you time and money, repair work can get in the way of your tenants’ lives, causing tension that could impact your relationships with them. This is why choosing to do maintenance preemptively can be the perfect solution.

Preventative maintenance represents a way for building owners and landlords to avoid paying for expensive repairs by addressing small building issues before they escalate. For example, preventative building management could mean eliminating a small speck of mould before it invades an entire wall or fixing a single floor tile before the whole set starts to crumble. Rather than waiting for tenants to report small faults, you can take control of your building’s upkeep.

What areas should I monitor?

You will need to pay some parts of your property more attention than others. These include:

Bathroom areas

Bathrooms can easily become an environmental health hazard if they are not properly looked after. To prevent serious leakages, check the caulking around toilets, bathtubs, and sinks on a regular basis. Even a small amount of wear and tear can cause major water damage. Attending to the problem early can save you huge amounts of money in the long term.

The rooftop

It can be easy to overlook what is going on at the top of your building, but hiring someone to check your roof for missing shingles, water damage or mould is vital if you want to avoid major repairs in the future. Remember that rooftop damage is difficult to spot most of the time, so stay proactive and check your roof materials and gutters on a regular basis should be high on your agenda.

Outdoor areas

Try to make sure that trees and other types of large plants are well-maintained and trimmed to avoid the possibility of their coming into contact with electrical wires or getting stuck on the sides of your building. Indeed, fixing tree damage can be very costly compared to the relatively modest cost of hiring a landscaper to trim them back regularly. 

How can I make sure that all areas of my building are well maintained?

Ultimately, adequate building maintenance requires a proactive and diligent mind. Take a moment to think about building maintenance on a weekly basis, particularly if you own a large number of properties.

A great way to stay on top of your repair work is to invest in a tracking app such as MYBOS. This innovative piece of technology allows you to keep up to date with maintenance works on your buildings. As well as giving you instant access to a database detailing new and ongoing maintenance requests, it provides an all-in-one interactive calendar that allows you to take control of your preventative maintenance schedule.

Start a free trial today to find out how MYBOS could save you time and money.

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