Facility management is a demanding job and the pressure to meet tight budgets can be intense. This is why we’ve come up with 4 tips that can help facilities managers lower the operating costs of their sites without sacrificing quality in any way.

1. Choose the most sustainable facilities possible

Sustainable facilities are attractive for a number of reasons; they’re efficient in their use of energy and resources and have minimal environmental impact. This readily translates into savings in time and money, particularly, over the long term. Sustainable facilities are also popular with the public. Companies boost their social capital when they can demonstrate that their facilities are environmentally responsible. 

But the buck doesn’t stop there, managing sustainable facilities in a strategic manner is key. Even in a sustainable facility, operations and maintenance require an ongoing commitment to technology, knowledge and skills development.

2. Get the right lighting

A simple way to make cost savings on facility operations is to use an “economise mode” on lighting controls to shut off non-essential lighting overnight. While lighting of the perimeter, driveways, footpaths, emergency zones and entry/exit points needs to remain on for security reasons, other areas can be left in the dark. 

As for older lighting, replace it with LEDs as this will immediately lower energy consumption. There could also be economic incentives for such a switch – most Australian states offer discounts and rebates for businesses that participate in energy savings schemes. 

3. Get an energy audit 

Energy audits can be conducted internally or external experts can be called in. An energy audit can be broad in its scope or it can focus on specific areas within a facility. 

Professionals in the field of energy assessment will ensure that all relevant Australian Standards are being met. They’ll also give facility managers access to a valuable analysis of energy consumption at the site while providing a meaningful financial evaluation of energy use.

4. Use a powerful building management system

A facility management system that’s accessible, comprehensive yet easy to use, can save time and money for a facilities manager. With everything in one place and with features and functionality to suit all types of facilities and buildings, the MYBOS solution is revolutionising the way facilities managers do their job. From work order control to maintenance schedules to interactive calendars and budget and invoice tracking, the MYBOS facility management software has got it all. 

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