When it comes to effective building management, communication is key! Luckily, advances in technology mean that contemporary facility management system options allow residential communication to be fast and simple. Particularly if you opt for integrated building management software, it’s possible to quickly contact tenants on a wide range of relevant facility issues through a residential management system.

Complementing a building management system

One of the major benefits of using integrated software is that it’s possible to communicate with tenants, either en-masse or individually, regarding facility management issues that affect them directly. For example, if your defect management software/system indicates that an apartment has a problem, it takes literally seconds to alert the tenant using an SMS or email. If the building management system picks up an issue which affects the whole building, posting a message on the residential website as well as sending a group text, ensures as many tenants as possible are made aware.

SMS is a vital part of a developer management system

The main advantages of using SMS or email are that they are:

  • Fast
  • Accessible
  • Highly likely to be read by tenants

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