Recent figures show that Strata properties are hot acquisitions in the current market. Whether you’re a Strata caretaker or currently considering acquiring (or selling) a Strata development, strong building management software is a priority. Effective facility management is crucial: not only does an effective facility management system provide valuable information when it comes to valuation and property condition, it’s also a powerful tool for residential communication.

Enhanced building management makes strata ownership more desirable

The defect management software allows any repair issues to be dealt with promptly, while on-going, scheduled maintenance can be tracked and costed through good-quality facility management software. Knowing the worth of your facility is crucial when it comes to buying and selling: a building management system is one of the key tools in ensuring that you have accurate financial information on your asset. It’s also an excellent way of ensuring building management is effective: an on-going record of repairs through the information on the residential management system shows that the building is being cared for and that resident concerns are being responded to promptly.

Whether you use a sophisticated developer management system to streamline maintenance or to improve resident communication (including updates on the residential website), developer management software can be a major benefit to Strata managers.

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