Being prepared for tax time is important for any company. As taxation specialist at CIA Tax Dr Enticott put it, “No planning, no budgeting, no tax effectiveness, no cashflow system – they all lead to rapid disasters… if you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it”. Luckily, this end of financial year MYBOS can help.

As a building management software designed to help strata and facility managers with the daily running of residential and commercial operations, MYBOS offers convenient invoice and budgeting features.

The first allows you to streamline your invoices, creating a professional appearance and saving you time and effort when tax time comes. Having templates, being able to issue invoices and take payments can greatly speed up the preparation of your accounts and improve business cashflow.

Likewise, MYBOS allows you to keep track of your budgets, promoting transparency and accuracy. This also allows you to keep better track of finances by encouraging you to revisit and update budgets over time. As June 30th approaches, MYBOS’ budget feature can help you plan for a successful new year.

Get on top of your end of financial year worries today by using MYBOS, the leading residential management system, and make tax time smooth sailing.

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