Sydney Markets poised for major urban renewal

Since the early 1970s, Flemington in Sydney’s Inner West has been home to Sydney Markets, one of Australia’s biggest wholesale suppliers of fresh produce.

But all that is about to change, as Sydney Markets is relocating to become part of Aerotropolis, a dynamic new economic hub that will gradually be developed over the next few decades.

“With Sydney now planned to have three city centres, the announcement that Sydney Markets will move further west to be part of the third city at the Aerotropolis completes their move to the areas of growth,” Urban Taskforce’s chief executive Chris Johnson stated.

He added: “The massive markets site at Flemington is an ideal opportunity for an urban redevelopment at the scale of a mini city.”

What will happen to the Flemington site?

Situated between Sydney’s CBD and the ever expanding city of Parramatta, the Flemington site could become a green urban village.

To explore the site’s potential, Urban Taskforce commissioned Sydney architect Tony Owen to design a visionary redevelopment of the soon to be vacant area. The design brief included the requirement to keep some presence of the markets at the site, but on a smaller scale.

Tony Owen’s exciting master plan for the area centres around a “paddock to plate” concept. The proposal locates intensive urban agriculture, commercial opportunities, high density housing and market facilities in one place. This would significantly lower transport pollution, and there could be other environmental benefits as well, including:

  • The extensive greenery, which is a key feature of the renewal proposal, would have a cooling effect and would improve air quality. It could also be used to capture water runoff.
  • Green roofs would be used on buildings with lower heights. These could then be utilised for agricultural purposes, including grazing for larger animals, free range poultry and crop production.
  • The entire Flemington village could be self sustaining.

A closer look at Flemington 2036

Currently known as Flemington 2036, this urban development proposal would place the main residential buildings in green towers with views of communal facilities. The taller buildings would be situated close to the highway and commercial areas. Buildings with lower heights would be located near existing residential zones, creating minimal disruption to long-term residents.

Flemington 2036 could potentially operate as a mini park-like city. An entire community, made up of 10,000 residents and 4,000 workers, could live and work together within its boundaries.

Flemington already has its own railway station and is serviced by the Leppington and Western lines on Sydney’s train network. A completely new station could be added to the proposed Metro West line which would enhance public transport in the area, ensuring Flemington has rapid links to the Sydney CBD and Parramatta.

Ultimately, green urban renewal projects on massive sites such as Sydney Markets are prime examples of how cities can adapt to the emerging needs of modern urban citizens.

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